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TF2 Server Req. ?
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^^^^^ please note the 200 miles...there is no speedtest server in MN anymore... Sad

I'm currently looking at buying a server with:

AMD Athlon 2.8GHz Single-Core Processor

Planning on running a WINDOWS server.

My Questions:

How many people connected to me (on tf2 servers) can my internet handle?

Is this processor sufficient for two 24 man servers without lag?

How many more past that, if any? (players)

What sort of upgrades should i be getting for the server processor if needed? (PLEASE SPECIFY THE EXACT GHz+Dual/Quad, links to newegg would be great!)

What are the minimum requirements for running two 24-man tf2 servers processor & internet wise?

I have 4 extra 2 gig sticks of DDR2 RAM, so RAM isn't an issue, how much should I put in this server?

Please include any information you think would help that I may have forgot to add a question about.

You should be able to get 24 TF2 slots. No more. You might need to lower it.
To run 2 24-slot TF2 servers you would need at least a 2.5 Dual Core (I don't think your network can support that). If the OS is 64-bit, up it to 4GB if you want. Not a big deal, but could help.

I'm not 100% sure on bandwidth...
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