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Is my srcds visable??
ok how the hell do i figure out if my srcds is visible i see it in the LAN tab for me and shows up in my favorites when i add my lan server thing which is, i go to and tells me this one, ok so now i add that one to my favorites list and it doesnt show up as anything, now i try this one and it shows up like that what is the rite server IP do i even have the rite server IP my server name is |G*Knights|Gun*Knights*NeedAdmins*Recruting* if any one can see it plz tell me, and give me the IP: also i went to on my bros computer and gave me the same exact ip however his lan ip is difrent then mine sumtin like this idk, and i cant see it in the main servers of steam not there. So if ne can leave a post or get on xfire and help me my xfire is: s2kcowboy, and my aim is wolverine4x4x350. Thank you
yea, you will have to connect to your lan ip.. for instance on my server i connect to something like that, but for anyone out in the internet world to connect to my server.. they have to connect to soo yea.
Also try to see your server info, uptime etc...

To see an implementation of the server checker code go to my quick html site:

as you can tell my server is out for a while because our internet was all weird here at the house.

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