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[Resolved] Server Bandwidth Caculator?
Hi everyone:

Just before I post my problem here is the information you need...

Server OS- Windows XP Professional SP3
Processor- AMD Phenom 2.3 ghz Quad Core
Game- Goldeneye Source Beta 3.1.4

Startup command- srcds.exe -console -game gesource +map ge_runway +maxplayers 16

Admin Mods- Sourcemod and Metamod


Local IP-
Router is a WRT54g Vers 3.0

it goes like this Server--> Router---> Cable Modem ---> Internet (ISP)

ok, I am working on a dedicated source server to host Goldeneye Source.
I have just a issue with bandwidth and like how to calculate bandwidth for sv_maxrate and sv_minrate

Can someone provide a little info or a actual formula to know how much bandwidth is required? I am currently planning to host 16 players.

Thank you for your time.

Happy Holidays

***EDIT**** I found a site and it has been updated as well. Here it is

You can input your cpu speed, how much ram, and how much bandwidth along with players and it will give u a good svmaxrate, etc.

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