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Noone can connect to my server...
I can connect and play on my server just fine. But nobody else can join for some odd reason. Any help?

sv_lan is 0 by the way.
What happens when they try to join?
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gives the 2 bars thing and say failed after 4 retries.
the two bars thing lol what a nice explanation
are they entering the info right?
connect ip:port? (console)
e.g. connect

also, what the ip to your server? i'll give it a shot
Check out Whiteys Lair Smile
yes it is a good explanation because thats whats happening. the other computer is in my room and yes the info is right. people over the internet cant connect either so trying is no use.

i took my server down until someone helps me.
Okay, I can assist you over teamviewer if you like.

You probably don't have a static IP set to your local computer and probably don't have the ports forwarded through NAT+Firewall to that IP.
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