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TF2 Idle Server
Hello All, I have installed HLDS and set it up for Team Fortress 2.

Everything appears fine except for 2 problems. When I join the server and play for roughly 2 hours (or less) I no longer have access to my items. When I go to my inventory screen I can see all my items equipped but when I scroll through my weapons in game they are defaulted to the originals when you are not connected to steam.

Also my Server is not listed under the "Internet" games tab so I was wondering if there was a reason for this. I have forwarded ports on my router and turned off Windows Firewall.

in my server.cfg i have:
sv_lan 0
sv_pure 2
hostname "Idle4Life2009"
rcon_password "xxxxxxxx"
sv_contact ""
mp_timelimit "0"

the x's are filled in, so is there any way to keep the ability to use items in my game?

Thx for any answers guys
Steam has taken down inventory a few times recently, and have announced that they are doing it here (at bottom):
Also I think they developed a system to prevent idling...
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They fixed the idler program but there isn't much they can do to stop idle servers and I am in one right now with the identical map and it works. So if anyone has any suggestions as to why the equiped weapons default back to standard weapons?

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