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Connection resets during 'Base Source Shared Sounds' version 4

I'm trying to instal orangebox on my Ubuntu Linux server. However, when i run the ./hldsupdatetool.bin -command update -game orangebox -dir /usr/battlegrounds/ everything works fine until like 95.34% where it resets. I've retried this about 5 times and every time it happens at 95.34%. It resets when it downloads \hl2\sound\weapons\underwater_explode3.wav

I've also tried it on windows with the same error.

Do you guys know how to solve it?

You can download orangebox in this manner?!
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I suppose you should atleast be able to do so. I need to download it cause i'm going to create a server for a hl2 mod. Battlegrounds. And I read on their forums that I needed to download orangebox in order to have all the files.
I think they mean to get it in Steam. Under tools, get Source SDK and Source SDK - Orangebox.
It's a linux server i'm going to host it on though, and they posted that exact command on the website.


./steam -command update -game orangebox -dir /home/server/bg2/"

I now saw that I accidentally wrote my command wrong on my first post, it's not ./hldsupdatetool.bin, i used ./steam, so that's not the problem.
I really have no clue on this error. It could be because your server isnt sending any ACK's back to the update server which will then timeout the connection thus killing the transfer :/
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I doubt that's the case, since I tried it on two different computers and they both stop on the exact same percentage. My guess is that it's some kind of error on steams side, perhaps the mirror that I download from doesn't have the file anymore.

In that case, what can I do? I've googled for 'base sound shared sounds', but I can't find anywhere to downlad it, and there are probably more things to be downloaded as well. Being realistic, would it help to email steam or would they not bother to answer my mail?
Just download TF2 Toungue and delete the /tf folder Toungue
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