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SM/MM quickfix for TF2!
I've been told this will work...
MatthiasVance    Anyway
08:29    MatthiasVance    You need new gamedata.
08:29    MatthiasVance    I don't know if it is released yet. If so, restart your server to update it.
08:29    MatthiasVance    If not:
08:30    MatthiasVance    You have to edit your gamedata file(s) accordingly.
Credit to psychonic for the update:

Let em know how it works.
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09:55 <Dragonshadow> or if you want to be lazy and not edit files


SM Updater is updated.
<Dragonshadow> Is the new gamedata downloaded with the sm downloader now?
<psychonic> Dragonshadow: yes

RemovePlayerItem's offset is wrong for windows in it and my copy though (dunno about the bug link)

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