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Recommend Srcds Routers?
I use Dlink DIR-628 and would not give up Dlink for anything. I highly recommend it for SRCDS as far as home routers go.
Nope, never had a single issue. Not near the issues I had with my Linksys and Netgear routers.
Stuff like the wireless radio would randomly stop working after a few hours, and required power cycle when stuff stopped working. Dlink has never caused a single problem, and I have been using it twice as long.
Currently using a Linksys WRT610N. I use to have a WRT54G. This is a nice firmware replacement for the WRT54G:
Linksys with opensouce firmware is realy nice
Most band-name routers work well enough.
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As long as they support Port-Fowarding, and NAT. You should be good Toungue
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Eh, make sure that it isn't just your computer that is having that problem. It may or may not be your router.

Also, hosting game servers from home isn't recommended... If you're going to do it once in a while just for a server that wont be populated much then I suppose its fine, but if you expect to get it popular, and run it 24/7 with max players, and try to base a good community off it, you're going to run into problems. Home connections don't have the uptime SLA as business connections do, and you will run into network downtime more often than you think. Also some ISP's don't allow servers of any kind from home clients and may require you to upgrade to a business connection.

In my case, I just use the default router / modem combo that came with my DSL package, and it works just fine.

Just make sure that your router is actually your problem, and just buy one of the latest Cisco ( Linksys ) router.
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The thing with routers, is when you forward ports, you're not only forwarding it through a routers firewall, you're telling all inbound connections to that port to go to one specific internal IP, that is why you can have a bunch of computers on one external IP.

I suppose you can buy a new router, use it for a few days, and if the problem you're having persists then you know its your PC or something else, and just return the router for money back Toungue
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Linksys anything will be just fine...

Anything these days is good, just go to your local bestbuy and pickup a linksys wireless router it will work best..

Honestly, the best home router for SRCDS is no home router at all... SRCDS or any server for that matter is hosted best in a data center on a professionally maintained network.
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Bestbuy isn't bad at all... They are about the same price for things like that than newegg. Toungue
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
I don't run a server from home, just gaming, but I had to dump my dlink dir-655 because of lag when gaming on 2 computers, and the Belkin I got isn't much better.

I guess I'll try a Linksys, but reading some of the reviews on the net people also have problems with them--is there a particular model that handles multiple computers gaming at the same time well?
i just looked at the pictures you uploaded..

you do the forwarding in "single port forward"

i do it in "port range forward"

try that.. maybe thats the solution
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