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How to Minimize to Tray SRCDS Dedicated Server Console
How can I minimize the SRCDS Dedicated windows server console to the system tray (near clock) instead of the taskbar?

thanks for any help.
i seem to remember that server checker had that option.. but i don't remember..other then that though.. i think you can just minimize it.. or run it as service and hide the console completly... but then you have no acces to it at all.
Server Checker now only minimizes it self, not the acctual SRCDS. However that would be nice for VER 4.0
hmm.. alright.. i wasn't sure.. i read into it awhile ago.. and didn't like it.. so i never used it.. lol. i use (mean)server loader, and i think there tryin to make it so that it minizes to the system tray, but i don't think they have it yet.
I use Server Checker 3.0 and it is doing a fine job. However it would be nice to minimize it all to 1 tray icon.
yea.. i tried server checker.. but i don't know.. it just took tooo long to kick the server back on for me.. and i tried optimizing the timeings.. and it didn't start the server right.. soo yea.. i gave it up... imma stick with (mean) server loader, i haven't had any problems with it at all.. and it kicks the server back up almost instantly.
minimizing a program to the system tray is something that must be implemented by the program itself. (You can browse the code of ServerChecker to see how) Therefor, if it isn't implemented by srcds, and it is not, then it can't be done.

however, a program can be taken away from the task bar I think. So I'll see what I can do in the next version of ServerChecker. Our very own [DumB]SGR has written a very small program for our servers that removes all programs with certain properties (like the window caption) from the task bar. I'll see if I can use that as a base.

@skeletor. Plz read the complete readme as it explains how ServerChecker works. Without that understanding you might not get SC to work on full potential.
On standard settings it takes SC either maximum 3 seconds on a crash that stops the executable, or 33 seconds in the case of a stall to restart the server. U can alter these settings down to 1 and 11 seconds (SC will check your server more often then) using the pause variable.
i did read the readme... it just didn't seem to work very well for me at all. i will try again, and see sometime. i do kind of like the way to control the servers..
HIGHGuY thanks for stopping by our forums! I need to register at your as I keep posting as guest Zealot Toungue
just to update.. i have reinstalld server checker, and so far it seems to be working.. i don't know why it wouldn't last time i tried. must of rushd myself too much or something, who knows.. but all day today it has workd great..
love to keep our 'customers' happy Wink
I've updated ServerChecker to v3.02

the time localization error should now be history.

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