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CPU Issues
Hello all,
I've has 3 servers running on my dedicated box fine previously. However now I've found that servers are starting to take upto 40% of CPU load each when they are half full.
2 x 20 man
1 x 14 man

Does anyone have any ideas why this is suddenly happening? Could it be two sets of files or anything like that are being execed.
from what i have read is that srcds is starting (due to previous updates) to consume way more cpu.. some GSP's are even starting to discontinue all source servers for this very reason. but if it w as just the past couple days or soo (not since an update or anything) then maybe something else started running.. go to the server console and type stats in each of em, and seee how much cpu there consuming. and you can do to task manager, and make sure there isn't some random thing running and consuming the cpu makin the servers kick up the cpu so much.. but really.. it could be a LOT of things.
Well I've done some tests.
It choke of max of 16 on round start good? Usually around 0-5 when moving around and shooting.
yea.. thats not bad.. i think most any server will have atleast some choke.. and that also has to do with client settings as well.. but really though. i guess if theres no noticable lag or anything i wouldn't worry too much about it.. but you should check and see if theres anything else consuming up that much cpu, cuz if there is.. it could get worse.. and thats bad.

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