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Killing Floor and Red Orchestra mods and updates released (12-11-09)
John Gibson Wrote:The previously mentioned update for Killing Floor and mod releases/updated
for KF and RO have been released. All Killing Floor servers must be updated
to get the new maps. Here are the details:

Killing Floor

Defence Alliance 2 mod release - DA2 is the first total conversion mod to be
released for Killing Floor. This futuristic team based multiplayer mod has
been described as a combination of Halo/COD/TF2. Since the mod is going to
be released through Steam, the server install can be acquired through HLDS
like any other Steam dedicated server. The game name for HLDS is

Required Killing Floor Update - a required Killing Floor update will be
released today. This update will add several of the top winning maps from
the Killing Floor Grindhouse custom map making competition as official
custom maps for Killing Floor.

Killing Floor Guest Passes - We will be making guest passes available to all
owners of Killing Floor. With these guest passes owners of KF will be able
to allow their friends to play the game for free for a short time. We expect
a large influx of players this weekend because of this.

Red Orchestra

Mare Nostrum Mod Content Update - The brilliant Mare Nostrum mod for Red
Orchestra is receiving a major content update today. The update adds 26
Brand New Steam Achievements, 7 New Maps including a paratrooper assault on
the island of Crete and wide open desert tank warfare holding the Gazala
Line, 10 New Vehicles including new British, German, and Italian Tanks, 7
New Weapons, and new playable soldiers including Polish, Italian, and German
units. This is an Official RO mod released over Steam, so servers can be
installed using HLDS with the game name marenostrum.

We ask that any server admins looking to help support the mod community for
Killing Floor or Red Orchestra please host some Defence Alliance 2 and Mare
Nostrum servers. Any additional servers would be greatly appreciated.


John Gibson


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