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can't get the srcds.exe
I can't seem to get the srcds.exe to appear when I run the HldsUpdateTool

here the tutorial and the URL I was using to get it working

Step 1. Download HLDS Update Tool:

Step 2. Finish Downloading the HLDS Update Tool.

Step 3. Go to "computer", then "program files", and open "HLServer". Right click on HldsUpdate Tool and make a go to "send to desktop": (or make a shortcut).

Step 4. Go to the HldsUpdate Tool Short cut (on your desktop) and right click it and click on properties. From here, you see the "Target" box, copy and paste
"-command update -game garrysmod -dir c:\HLServer" after the
"C:\HLServer\HldsUpdateTool.exe" (which already be there) in there and leave a space in between both of them.

I can't figure out whats happening here

Step 5. Run the HldsUpdate Tool One more time and wait till it is finished [u][u](may take 15 min to an hour to finish).

It just opened command prompt and closed down and only these files appeared
hldsupdate tool_38.mst

I had this as the target

"C:\Program Files\Valve\HLServer\HldsUpdateTool.exe" "-command update -game garrysmod -dir c:\HLServer"

Step [/u][/u]6. Go to "computer" again, and open HLServer. From here, open the new "orangebox" folder and scroll down to "scrds".

Step 6. Send "scrds" to desktop (or just make it a shortcut) and right click it and go to properties. From here, go to the "Target" box again and after "C:\HLServer\orangebox\srcds.exe", copy and paste "-game garrysmod".

Step 7. Run the "scrds" (desktop shortcut), now you have a GMOD Dedicated Server! Big Grin

Once again, if you need any help, please subscribe or comment on this youtube video or send me a friend request on steam. Steam name is "ninjapwner".
I would recommend following the tutorial at the main part of this site,
yes there are many tutorials out there, alot being outdated especially on youtube, Beaverbeliever is correct, definitely follow the srcds tutorial and if you get stuck, try it again, and again, and if u still cant do it, post again Wink
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