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Update your server while its running?
My clan's server was experiencing a number of hangs that would not prompt a .bat file crash and restart. I'm helping them move it to a windows service, but am curious on how to handle TF2 updates without needing someone with box access. Ideally we would just want someone with rcon access who could restart the server via quit and it would be updated.

What I was wondering is to run hlupdatetool.exe as a service to check periodically for updates and allow it to update while srcds is running. Then on map change or rcon quit, would switch over and use the updated game files. Would this work? Other suggestions?

There's this:

But there might be another type of watchdog script that might work as well.
That may possibly work, but I am unable to check if that works. Echoing the trigger code through a map config does not seem to trip the update process and I dont quite want to wait until the next update to actually see if it works.

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