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No one can join the server? The server doesn't show up on the master list?
I read the FAQ.
Not found an answer.
I can connect to the server from the Intenet to the external ip.
So the router is configured correctly.
But my server is not among the master list for two weeks.
Help me please!
in console u have "No Master Loaded - Using Default Maste" ???
in server.cfg file
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
and default in console read
adding master server
adding master server
Connection to Steam server successful
VAC secure mode is activated
Remove all those setmaster commands from the server.cfg. They are all pretty unnecessary and are probably causing your issue.
also make sure about ur sv_region value
not sure the numbers explains what but i know 6 is middle east Smile
and check ur filters too ....
// This will define your location in the world, if somebody as Europe ONLY in their filtes and you have USA - then wouldn't be able to find your server.
// Default: 3
// 0 - Us Eastcoast.
// 1 - US Westcoast.
// 2 - South America.
// 3 - Europe.
// 4 - Asia.
// 5 - Australia.
// 6 - Middle East.
// 7 - Africa.
// 255 - World
taken from thread having server config
file server edited.
May region is Russia. City Moscow.
Write in consol sv_region, enter:
"sv_region" = "3" (def. "-1")
- The region of the world to report this server in.

Properly selected region?

"and check ur filters too ...." - What kind of filter? I do not understand.
Filter in client CCS? Not set, et all regions.

In the list so far no .... Sad
The sv_region is not really necessary, and only allows your server to be part of the filter in the server list, nothing about actually getting on the list.

I've also heard it takes a few days to get your server on the list, just to make sure its not a temporary server.

Also remember: you can't see it on the list. Steam logically disables you from seeing a server in the internet tab that exists in the LAN tab, so take that into consideration.
Server is already a month. Smile

Server is not in the local network with the client CSS!
The server and client different external ip and AS.

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