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lib / script to trick hlds&srcds engine
We all know now how to take advantage from compileing the linux kernel.We are able to get quite easily 1000 fps but most of the time NOT stable.
I heard the possibility of tricking the server engine to get over 1000 fps and sleep less than 1ms.
Can anyone make this?And if it's possible,can it be public?Most of us are running our servers at home,on separated pc's/systems,so we have no intentions of selling those lib's/scripts...
So,can anyone know how to trick the engine?Will you share that knowledge with the rest of us?
no-one will post this i asked it too.
How about you change the world and do the googling Toungue
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Is Flatline Lib from still avalaible for download ?
That's all i could found on the internet ...

This is my HLDS server on cpu0 with kernel 2.6.31-rt19 & booster ( )

[Image: 95583806.png]

It's not bad,but i want stable 990-1000 fps with 0 drops.
normally you will get drops if you have lots of players with lots of plugins and different maps (custom) you cant it turn off.

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