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mods and plugin fail
hey, I thought that no matter what I install of mods and plugins there is nothing that works on srcds ! i install deathmatch correctly and installed sourcemod with headshot only mod and paintball plugin and none of it works!? Sad Why? Hope you can help!
Did you install Metamod? Metamod is required for Sourcemod to work. Please read all the installation documentation on both Metamod and Sourcemod's site.
Hey, Yes, I have installed metamod .. But deathmatch works'm not!? Should I add something in startupline or Server.cfg or what the hell is wrong? Sad
Can you print show us the output of the following commands.

Type these in the console

meta version
meta list
sm version
sm plugins list
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[Image: 331lwzt.jpg]
] meta version
Unknown command: meta
] sm version
Unknown command: sm
] metaversion
Unknown command: metaversion

both consoles say this.. Ther server console and the client console ingame css.
Did you generate a vdf file for your server on MetaMod's site? I think this is your problem.
i have do that.
Your metamod plugin isn't loaded. Check these steps again:
Metamod isn't installed correctly.

As Arjen directed you - read that wiki article.
Mohawk Voice v1.0 now available!
[Image: 331lwzt.jpg]

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