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Beginner needs help to start up a css server
hi, i would like to start up a css server on my computer

i have

3 ghz pentium hyper threading
512mb ddr ram
160 gig sata hd 8mb

2mb cable internet

please could you tell me how to start my own server

any help would be greatly apriciated


linux or windows? are you behind a fire wall/router what is your connection speed.... The computer you have is more than adequate
2mbps down or 2mbps up and down? what matters most is your upload speed.

anyways, to start off, look at the tutorials here.

they are pretty comprehensive and you shouldn't have any problems if you follow them.
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hm.. well find out what ur upload is.. run an internet speed test..

and the only thing about your computer.. cpu is awesome for it.. but maybe a lil more mem.. i run 512 on my server.. and sometimes it uses all of that.. so more mem is all i can say.. i would have more, but i don't have money... lol

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