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.res file for common files?
I've been searching everywhere for this (searched this forum, steampowered and google) but havent found an answer.

I've seen how to create .res files for individual maps, but is there a way to create a common .res file for regularly downloaded files?

Eg, If I have admin sounds and some patched config files, how can i make sure they are downloaded with every map, *without* adding them to every individual map's .res file.
No there is not, however I think Mani has an autodownload for files that are general in some txt file you edit. That would seem to answer your question to get general files (like txt files etc) to any player on any map without a res file.
yup.. on latest mani.. theres a download.txt file.. haven't tested it.. but if it works like it should.. then it will have all clients download anything you put in there..

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