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how many slots
Intel Xeon 4 x 2.0Ghz
80GB+ SATA2 Hard Drive
2000GB transfer allowance /month
100 mbit port
going to upgrade it i think to 4GB ddr2 the server is standard 2GB ram
will 80gb hd enough to run 4 servers ?
does anyone have an idea how many slots this could take
and if its possible how many 66tick and how many 100tick
The Xeon E5405 ( 2.0GHz Quad Core Xeon ) benchmarks at roughly 3000 on passmark, a Q8200 benchmarks slightly faster at 3300.

We have run full 32 slot TF2 servers on one core of a Q8200 which benchmarks faster than a Q8200.

At least 128 slots 100 tick CS:S.
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depends 100% on your quality demands. I wouldn't go above 2 servers per core (regardless of the slot count), additionally don't run more then ~40 slots or so per core... but as I said: you can run more with less quality or less with better quality. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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As far as I know tf2 does not support tick 100 ?! So your 32 slotcount ist with tick 66?

The best is you would gather friends and run test on the server. Each game does consume different CPU. The 128 slots tick 100 for example wouldnt be possible with DoD:S. Even a Core I7 can hold the serverfps/tickrate with tick 100 and 32 slots all the time, when the server is full. This is also affected by the map the server is running. dod_colmar for example is a performancekiller. To be on the safe i do not run more than 24 slots DoDS Servers @ tick 100 per core.

A l4d/l4d2 server use ~20 average and ~30 peak of one core when it is running versus scavange or so meaning with 8 slots.
sorry forgot to say that it was only for cs:s Smile

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