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LAN Party Sanity Check...
Preparing for a TF2 LAN party with some friends in a couple weeks and wanted to post some stuff for a sanity check and ask a question or two. Thanks in advance for your time.

Party will have 16-20 attendees.

Server: A Dell XPS M1530 Laptop
Server OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32-Bit
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo T9300 2.5GHz (2 Cores Total)
Ram: 4.00GB (Not all of which is accessible due to the 32-bit OS)
Network: 24 port 10/100 3com 4400 series switch, dhcp/dns to be provided by a linksys router connected to my cable drop for steam authentication only, all play should be on the local network.
Game(s): TF2
I've loaded and patched SRCDS according to the instructions in the Windows forums here and raised the tickrate to 100 and the FPS to 600 (showing ~500 once started) as described there also.

I havn't loaded any mods, though I have some custom maps picked out.

I've got a second box running a simple xampp installation to host the custom map files, thus offloading that task from the tf2 server. I've tested that the re-direction is working correctly and my tf2 client is downloading files it doesn't have from the second server as required.

The Sanity Check:

Will my laptop set-up as described support the 20 connections at 100 tickrate and 500fps? Are there any tools to load test it prior to the party?

The questions:

I'm interested in having some sort of running leaderboard that tracks everyone's points through the whole party.Are there already MODS out there that will track everyone's scores through all the rounds, and even if the server were to re-start, etc.?

Is there anything else I'm not thinking of with the server? Things that might cause me issues on game day?

Again, thanks in advance!
I can't imagine if you're just hosting the one server on a LAN that you'll run into to many issues. One thing to note though is the orangebox engine can't reach 100tickrate. The maximum tickrate you can achieve on OB is 66tick. You can still reach the ~500fps levels on 66tickrate, but no sense in trying to force the engine to 100tick.

As for stat tracking, I suggest looking into something like HLStatsX or Psychostats. Requires a bit of knowledge with webhosting and cronjobs and such, but should do the trick.

If you don't want that, there are a few more basic plugins available for Sourcemod, that you can search for here
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Throwing any admin mod might just make your life easier. It's often easier to use an admin mod to change levels or fix something then messing with rcon. Even beetlesmod will do the trick for you Smile
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