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Lock RCON usage to only certain commands
Hello people!, how are you?

well, i have 3 l4d servers, and as i had a lot of lag on them, i bought an Dedicated server (E5200 + 2gb ram). but, as its really expensive, i will start selling ADMIN "powers" to players.

SO, as the reserved slots plugin for SM doesnt works in L4D, the only option for them to enter the game when they want, if the server is full, is by using the KICK command from console.

SO, is there any way to limit the RCON usage to ONLY certain commands like "kick" ?

because i dont want them to be able to change server cvars.

Thank you very much in advance!
I would recommend installing Sourcemod on the server and issuing admin using that instead of RCON password. RCON should be solely kept to the owner of the server.
You can also give them access to a web script that kicks someone...
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