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Jumping objects?
For some reason, out of nowhere, objects in my srcds server have started jumping, going up and down all through the map in all maps. Really freaking weird. It stops after the server is restarted, but after a few rounds, it starts back again.

Any ideas?
some maps glitch that
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It's happening on all maps. It didn't happen before.

I'm using:

Mani Admin Plugin v1.2BetaS-hotfix-2, MetaMod:Source v1.8.0-devV, SourceMod v1.3.0-dev

It started happening mid day.

This is really frustrating... I formatted the server yesterday and now this happens...
Some crappy mini-games maps will do it.

Show us your server.cfg
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I've found the issue. It is due to some anti-stick setting provided on the mod Zombie: Reloaded, it seems there is an engine bug that causes in conjunction with this setting to make a "physics mayhem". It's explained here:

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