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solved - L4D2 Server, only 1 can join game
I hope this is an easy one. Only one person can join the L4D2 server I just setup.

I've successfully used my old AMD3000, 1gig laptop as a L4D server and thought I'd do the same for L4D2. Both lan and internet players could join and the shared key finds the server perfectly.

I downloaded the scrds L4D2 files and made the batch using my internet ip:
cd "C:\SteamServer\left4dead2"
srcds.exe -game left4dead2 -autoupdate +ip XX.XX.XX.XX +map c1m1_hotel -port 27016

For some reason only one person can join it from the lobby. More than 1 will not connect. Ususally no one gets in.

Open ports

Forwarded ports

Only way we got more than one person in was run the Steam server version. Meh...
Add -maxplayers 8 to the starup line. I think you need 8 to have 4 players + AI characters. If not, try -maxplayers 4
I deleted and redownloaded the server files again and now more than 1 can join.

The first time I downloaded was on the first day the game was out so who know what happened.

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