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How I check my logs in srcds server....
I have 2 servers... and months later one server start stop working and i couldn't figure out why...wondering how do i check errors logs to findout what it cause to not let my server start is the ip that doesnt work...
check srcds/yourgame/logs or srcds/yourgame/addons/youraddons/logs
(11-26-2009, 02:03 AM)scorpio2k2 Wrote:  check srcds/yourgame/logs or srcds/yourgame/addons/youraddons/logs

there show no errors... how can i turn on server back on... when i tried screen -r *** it only restart my other sevrer but not this... how can i fix this....
try to start your server without screen ...

in this way u will see the errors in console directly
omg now my both server down.. all i did was bash
both servers are on same ip/port?
(11-26-2009, 04:46 AM)scorpio2k2 Wrote:  both servers are on same ip/port?

no different one is 27015 and other is 27016...
im screw idk what to do and how to get back
Just to clarify, you do have
log on
in your server.cfg or autoexec.cfg correct?
Are you servers fully updated???
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