SRCDS Steam group with RT & grsec ? restorecond 100% cpu?
2 questions... has a RT patch and grsecurity patch available, I've successfully patched and compiled a and a but when I tried to use both patches on one compile I get errors during the compile. Does anyone know if its possible to apply both patches?

Also, I notice in newer kernels such as 2.6.31+ there is a process which likes to pop up after a reboot called "restorecond" which consumes 100% cpu for quite some time. I believe this is part of selinux, I googled it quickly and the only thing I could find is that saving /etc/selinux/restorecond.conf with no changes will kill the process, but I'd like to find out what this process is, why it is running, consuming so much cpu, and how to sotp it from running in the future
As far as I know, there's no way to use grsec with the RT patches without hacking it in. grsec also introduces some additional changes to certain parts of the kernel that adds additional codepaths, which will probably slow the output layer a bit..

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