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I can't put my custom maps on my server!
Hey everyone, i just bought (yes i know -_-') a server for TF2 after a whole weekend of trying to get one up.

And my problem on the server is that i can't seem to get any custom maps on there. Their names are in the mapcycle.txt and in the mapliste.txt and i allso put them the maps (as .bsp) in the maps folder. All the other maps work fine (all official). They just seem not to exist, it just goes form official map to official map skyping all the custom ones.

If have looked around in the folders and found that all the maps i have hosted have a .lst in the /orangebox/tf/DownloadLists directory (exemple: cp_well.lst
Allso a .ain file in the /orangebox/tf/maps/graphs directory (ewemple: cp_well.ain)

I realy dont know why its not working could somone plz help.

Thank you!
Who is your host?
(11-23-2009, 05:05 AM)SBT Wrote:  Who is your host?

Did you put them in the /maps folder?
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1st, make sure you are installing the map correctly. Not all maps are just .bsp files. Go to a site like fpsbanana and download the map from there and upload to your server. Make sure the map file is in /maps and the other files are in the correct folder (they will generally tell you where other things may go).
2nd, if you are using a fast download server, the map needs to be on there too.
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Contact your game server companies support... If they are any good they will help you.
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Ok thnx guy's, i'll contact support. I think i've put every thing were it need to go ^^ (thats to say the .bsp in the maps folder, its name in the mapcycle and the maplist .txt file). Allso the maps i want to put in are of the "orange" type with the dev texture. One of them is one i made myself in hammer and works fine on Lan.

But thnx anyway for the help.
Maybe the use a different mapcyclefile. Some Hosters do that as well as with the motd.txt to protect them from beeing overwritten by steam.
Just rcon mapcyclefile to the Server and you will see wich file the server uses.

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