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SourceMod Update 1.3
bailopan Wrote:SourceMod 1.3 L4D2 Support Nov 22, 2009 01:06
SourceMod 1.3 is now in beta and has L4D2 support. We are aiming for a release by the end of the year - until then, current snapshots can be considered stable.


Translatable strings are now frozen, and translators have a few weeks to update their languages. There are a few new phrases and you can use the translator tool to see what they are. When it comes time to release, we'll only export languages that have complete string support. (Translators will get a reminder e-mail tomorrow.)

I would like to HUGELY THANK all of our donors this month. Supporting a new game is never easy. This time around we did a ton of Metamod:Source changes (with more in the pipeline), in addition to reverse engineering a new SDK for the community, and getting SourceMod ported. This port was also non-trivial due to new optimizations in the engine. Your generosity lets the development team buy copies of the game to test on, and gives us added incentive to get it out as quickly as possible - since keeping infrastructure afloat is essential to the project.

And of course, I would also like to HUGELY THANK� SourceMod developers - Scott Ehlert (DS), Matt Woodrow (pRED), and Fyren - for handling this port so quickly.

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