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HLStatsX Community Edition
I just wanted to write a short tutorial that would be comprehensive for installing HLStatsX CE on a HL-based server.

*I am assuming that you already have the perl daemon and web system setup along with the amxmodx properly setup*

First you need to go to the cstrike folder of the server (or czero or whatever) and go to the server.cfg and add these three lines.

log on // Turns Logging on
logaddress_delall // Removes all previous log destinations
logaddress_add youriphere porthere // Sends logs to your HLstatsX CE daemon

Add the plugin "hlstatsx_commands_cstrike.amxx" to the AMX Mod X configuration file "plugins.ini":
It should look like this

;restmenu.amxx ; restrict weapons menu
statsx.amxx ; stats on death or round end (CSX Module required!)
miscstats.amxx ; bunch of events announcement for Counter-Strike
;stats_logging.amxx ; weapons stats logging (CSX Module required!)


Note that "stats_logging.amxx" must be disabled!

You must restart your game server, and make sure your perl daemon is reading this new server.
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