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L4D Dedicated Server (Crash)
My server is hosted on a separate dedicated box. I do not use this box to play on, only to host dedicated servers. I've been hosting servers for roughly a year, so I have a general knowledge of how things work.

Here are my physical server specs:
Motherboard: DFI- BloodIron
OS: XP Professional x86 (SP2)
CPU: AMD 9600 Quad Core 2.3GHz
Ram: 4g

My start-up command line:
"C:\L4D Server\l4d\srcds.exe" -console -game left4dead -secure +map l4d_hospital01_apartment -port 27015 +exec server.cfg

Here is my server.cfg - Server.cfg

I currently am hosting from home, I have a router, and I'm forwarding ports 27000-27050. (Note: I was successfully hosting up until a few days ago, no new addons were added during that time).

I am able to connect via the "connect IP" option and people outside my LAN are able to connect via the connect option as well. Neither I nor others can connect using the "sv_search key [mykey]" command. When the sv_search_key command is entered and the game is launched from the lobby my console gives this error: L4D - Reservation Cookie ... I've never seen that Reservation cookie line in my console before. The server basically crashes after that. Again, if anyone uses the "Connect What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image" command, it does NOT have that error and works appropriately.

I have tried, the -verify_all command, along with completely reinstalling my server side data, with no luck. I have also tried running the server without the use of plugins. Ironically I have the same issue in L4D2 as well (same reservation cookie deal). Of course I've disabled any Firewall software that might interfere. Until a few days ago, it was working just fine. In trying to Google the heck out of this, I found several other people having the same issue, unfortunately, none of them had a resolution. I hope to find a resolution here Smile.

If any additional information is needed, just ask and I'll post it as soon as I can.

Thanks in advance,


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