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New Router Screwed Up My Server
I recently got a new 3com Officeconnect 3CRWE554G72 router... I haven't changed ANYTHING since i had my old router, but for some reason it keeps showing up under the LAN tab on the steam server browser, and not the internet tab. I set sv_lan to 0, i removed the CFG file to see if it had something to do with that, and nothing.... Any ideas? if you need any more info, just ask Smile

You do know what your external IP is correct? Have you tried to connect to it via that?
Current external ip (dynamic sucks) Doesn't work.
yea.. if your in the same local network as the server, you will have to connect with the lan ip... everyone on the other side of the router (internet world) has to connect to the external ip...
Well, thanks for the reply's, but it apparently isnt showing up for anyone...
Anyone know? Please?

I give them the ip, but they still can't connect.
are you sure you have the ports forwarded right on the router...
Which ports should i be forwarding?
i just have forwarded the port the game server runs on.. soo that would be like 27015.. thats the default. and that would be tcp and udp. and that is all i have ever had to forward..
Hmm, I went to and it still says my ip adress is I do not remember signing up for a Static IP Adress.. Does anyone think this may be an incorect IP?
No, if your are on DSL or cable your IP can last for days. I had one that lasted for well over 2 months until i got a static one.
you should also forward port 1200 for the friends network :p

which never works :@

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