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Mani - rconlist.txt
Anyone have an rconlist.txt file with commands added i could borrow Wink

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Sure heres mine:

//Bot RCON Commands Below
//Bot Levels
"Bot Level Easy" bot_difficulty 0
"Bot Level Normal" bot_difficulty 1
"Bot Level Hard" bot_difficulty 2
"Bot Level Expert" bot_difficulty 3

//Game Restart
"Game Restart 1 Second" mp_restartgame 1
"Exec KWCSS" exec kwcss.cfg
"Game Restart 5 Seconds" mp_restartgame 5
"Game Restart 10 Seconds" mp_restartgame 10

I have some custom weapon games for like shotguns only ect ect ect, however You need CFG files for it to work. If you want I can provide them over the weekend when I would have more time.
How do u make it so you can only use certain guns on certain maps ?
Cutloose Big Grin

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