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[Resolved] Custom maps
So I'm getting very frustrated. I have a working Arch Linux install going with a webserver and srcd. The server runs great default but I FTP's over some maps (to the proper directory /srcds/cstrike/maps) and added all the map names to maplist.txt. I deleted the maps and re-ftp'd them, incase something went wrong. I've tried manually changing them map (changelevel whatever) and I've tried more than one map. It cannot detect any of the maps in the map folder. I'm seriously stuck. Any help you guys can give me? I'm lost, they're definitely in the right play a "dir" while cd'd to the map folder displays all my maps.

I'm only frustrated because it SHOULD WORK hah, I just don't see whats wrong. Probably something stupid.

Oh yes, I had metamod installed along with sourcemod. Curiously enough meta info returned the metamod information and after adding my maps and stuff when the didnt show metamod wasn't loaded. So I deleted both metamod and sourcemod as well as deleting there configuration incase there was some conflicts, but now maps still don't load.

Help? tell me if you need any more information.
Are you using "rcon changelevel whatever?"
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i'm doing it in the server console not the in-game one. But I've tried that as well.
You keep referencing the 'map' folder not the 'maps' folder. Make sure the .bsp's are in cstrike/maps, and then try changelevel.

Can you tell us more about what happens when you do changelevel?
Quote:directory /srcds/cstrike/maps
He said that...

Can you open console and type " maps * "
and give us the output?
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I'll do that when I get home Smile. I think I'm going to switch to a debian server, I don't see how re-doing it all would hurt it. Should be easy enough, if I have the same problem again I'll come back to this thread.
I didn't chown the srcds folder >_> nothing to see here
Mark Resolved.
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