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random timeout's
apparently my server has prob's cause for no apparent reason and at no specific time it kick's all the players except for 1.. sometimes 2.. this makes no sense to me.. it's not a internet problem that i am aware of.. my cpu load isn't above normal and all other conditions seem to be ideal... is this a general srcds prob or just my server being stupid?????
Did you check your log files for errors or weird messages during the times that players were kicked?

Did some one get your RCON password?

Basically this could be a number of things...
yes i cheacked logs and only this funny is that everyone timed out.. and no one has my rcon password @ least i didn't give it to them... and it's not every one timeing out all the time alot of time's everone is kicked for "no steam login" i have seen that happen to 1 person @ a time but this is everyone except jus a few people...
maybe theres some sort conflict causeing it to lose connection, or something, and the ppl not kickd are the few lucky enough to reconnect fast enough to be under the packet loss min or something... i don't know if this makes sense or not, but just maybe.. is there anything else maybe trying to use that port?or is it when the internet is being used heavaly. don't know if its possible, but kinda makes sense, ya know.. server loses connection to players, assumes its there problem, cuz its whats its programd to think, so it times them out, or if its a connection problem it could lose connection to steam servers or whatever... and then it kicks them for no steam logon.. wait, that doesn't make sense.. hmmm.. wasted post i think.. oh well. there may be some use in this

i should sleep
actualy that kind of made sence.. anyone know if the -sport in command line option works for source server's or is that jus a 1.6 thing??? if u don't know the -sport line is to assign a port for vac to send and recive data instid of useing the 27015 port or which ever your server run's on.. i added that line 2 command startup and i get less "no steam login" errors but i still get some....
well first off.. isn't vac suposed to be like port 27021 or something like that? and i think -sport line is for both, and it has to be a different port then the server port, because only 1 thing can run through any port at a time.
and im probly wrong about what port that actually is, but i know it is different then the server port..

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