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Ubuntu Server 9.10 (1000Hz)
Hi all...

Last day i recompiled my kernel 2.6.31 and only changed line "CONFIG_HZ to 1000" but my rcon stats, show me randomly about 667 FPS or 670 aprox. when i in my server.

why do not get the higher value 1000???, i run server to prove it with bots about 12 and server uses tickrate 100.

Maybe i forget another parameter in kernel source ???

Here my specs:

Core 2 Quad Core Q6600 --> 3,0 GHz
4GB RAM --> DDR2 835
ATI rADEON HD4800 series --> 1GB RAM

and here post my rcon stats fps:

23:06:41 CPU   In    Out   Uptime  Users   FPS    Players
         39.25 1313.07 10469.59      20     1  661.81      11

23:06:43 CPU   In    Out   Uptime  Users   FPS    Players
         28.00 1323.61 10199.97      20     1  668.90      11

23:06:44 CPU   In    Out   Uptime  Users   FPS    Players
         30.50 1368.77 11761.28      20     1  643.92      11

23:06:45 CPU   In    Out   Uptime  Users   FPS    Players
         34.25 1438.80 13922.47      20     1  701.26      11

23:06:47 CPU   In    Out   Uptime  Users   FPS    Players
         33.60 1467.05 14206.15      20     1  668.90      11

23:06:48 CPU   In    Out   Uptime  Users   FPS    Players
         27.00 1473.41 14390.46      20     1  666.67      11

23:06:49 CPU   In    Out   Uptime  Users   FPS    Players
         28.50 1496.49 13258.34      20     1  663.57      11

please, any help???
Did you follow this one: ?
... written by BehaartesEtwas
Remove the bots. Set "fps_max 0" and try again. Remove all server plugins also. Then if you see 1000 FPS you know you have 1000 FPS server.
Arjen now i followed the wiki guide and not working, but i changed many parameters and recompile kernel after. so css, in command line i put this: +fps_max "0" and have this in cfg fps_max 0. It is correct???.

I use the server in a vmware plataform with 2 procesors and 1024 MB RAM, suficient???

if i play only in my server, can i get 1000 fps or needed more people in game to prove it???

well i attached my kernel config, see this please. thx...

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VMWare doesn't sound good there. Can you run the server without VMWare?

Your fps_max settings are correct.

Usually it's sufficient to have 1000 FPS on empty server so you can say you have 1000 FPS server. Usually when players join the FPS starts to wobble.
(11-10-2009, 08:53 PM)css Wrote:  VMWare doesn't sound good there.
but you mean sound?, or support?
VMWare is not good platform to run servers.

The expression "doesn't sound good" is English. Keep studying and you can eventually stop using translation programs altogether.
ah hehehe ok, sorry i'm from spain Big Grin so you know what software as VMWare runs server nice???

P.D. i forget mention, sometimes when i 'm playing in my server, fps increase to 910 during one second or at moment.

Yeah, vmware may cause this... :S
(11-11-2009, 06:18 AM)thanatos83 Wrote:  so you know what software as VMWare runs server nice???

Don't use any virtualization and 1000fps may be achievable. VMWare is one of the best.
"ATI rADEON HD4800 series --> 1GB RAM" <<<< not important for gameservers.

dont use VMWARE ...

if you want to have the max of performance install only a naked system (e.g. debian) and install only important pakets.
well thanks for all... i assume to install naked system Smile

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