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Poll: what ones better? (please read first)
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What server runs srcds better?
ok my clan has 2 dedicated serveres

one is a dual cpu Opteron 248 (wich are single core)

and the other

is a dual cpu xeon 3.06 (wich are dual core)

witch one is better? i dont think that the 64 bit of the opteron makes a diffrence because there is no 64 bit version of srcds is there?
i vote opteron cause im a die hard amd user.. my server is a p4 cause it's made of spare parts Smile
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Quote:is a dual cpu xeon 3.06 (wich are dual core)

dual core? who told you that? the xeon dualcore called 'Paxville' was set for 2006, turns out intel will release it this year, but hasnt been released yet, also the paxvill will run @ 2.8 Ghz

in 2006 the Paxvill will be replaced with a xeon called Dempsey and later Tulsa, wich will have more LB2 cache, and run @ 3.73 Ghz.

So i would go for the opteron ( even if de xeon was dualcore i would pick the opteron Toungue )
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Got to be the Opteron if for nothing else but the fact its AMD and everyone knows Pentiums don't come close.
then if its not dual core its quad xeon... so you'd rather go with a dual opteron 248 then a quad xeon 3.06?

(i too am a big fan of amd) but i dont want people saying go with amd because its a better company, we have 2 existing servers, and i want to know witch one is the better of the 2, i guess i could always go and run some benchmarking software on them, but of what i saw for a comparoson it realy comes down to how mutch the software utilizes the cpu.... so agean i ask, witch one would run srcds better, and dont say amd just because you think the company is better.... (i know it is) dosn't mean this particuler hardware is though...
benchmark them... if u wanna know which performs better thats the only way to tell... run ideatical servers in them and see which gets more fps... u know it's hard to say that the clock speed makes 1 processor run better then the other cause i have seen a 2.4 amd 64 get the same score as a p4 3.4... so a cpu and memory benchmark should help you decide which u would rather use....

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