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I just installed CS:S for my srcds server. It came with a skill1.cfg. I renamed skill1.cfg to just skill.cfg. Now, when the server starts it says: couldn't execute skill1.cfg.
Try renaming skill, back to skill1.
why does it have to be named skill1 though? And i dont have skill1 in my autoexec either.
Its something that SRCDS needs. I tried removing skill1 and when I ran an HLDS update tool it replaced it.
The reason it needs to be named Skill1 is because SRCDS is looking for skill1, not a file named skill. For instance, if it is looking for skill1 the path might be somethiong like this


If it is looking for skill1 like that, then it wont find it because you renamed skill. Somehwere in SRCDS CFG's, coding, or whatever, it specifies that path, and that path only.
Basically you need skill1 for some reason. If you delete it HLDSUpdate WILL replace it.

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