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CPU usuage help
I have purchased the following dedicated server

• Athlon 64 X2 4200
• 160 GB Hard Drive
• 2500 GB Traffic
• 100Mbps Connection

I was wondering what the server with the specs i posted could handle player wise. I want to have one server that is 100 tic while the other one or possibly two be 33 or 66 tic. I have been testing out the system and with 10 players at 100 tic the servers average load hovers around .55. I wanted to know if this was normal and does the cpu increase by a standard ammount for each additional player. I also wanted to know if there was any way that we could modify the kernal to increase its proformance with srcds.
the problem is that all players dont use the same performance. it depents between the netsettings of each players. same with maps ... when the map is very big you know it would increase the cpu/ram usage. dont look on the load, normally the system sould be have load to get better fps results. thats why some guys are using idlers as well...
you cannot simply add cpu usage. there are other factors limiting performance. e.g. you shouldn't run more then 2 servers per core, else you will have even fps drops while servers are empty. if you already have that server, just try it out.

you can improve performance with changing the kernel, I have written a howto for this. note that this does not optimize for maximum number of players/servers but for maximum quality of the servers (which are contradicting demands). and don't look at the cpu usage but on the fps stability, that's the only way to check the performance (you can have lags already at 20% cpu usage or a stable and smooth game at 80% cpu, I have seen both!). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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