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A Probelm while running my server

i get this problem while running my server

[Image: 28rmp7r.jpg]

and here is my command line

G:\SRCDS\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -ip -maxplayers 20 +map de_dust -tick 100 -secure -port 27015
Another process is running on port 27015. Try adjusting the port to 27016 or another port that's not in use.
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the same error

Try downloading and running a program called Process Explorer.

Browse through the running processes and check their properties. In the properties tab you'll be able to view the TCP/IP settings.

What you're looking for is any process that is running on UDP ports 27015 or 27016.

The reason it can't allocate those ports is because something is running on them.

Additionally check your windows firewall and router firewall. If you have an firewall enabled, then this could be causing the issue. In most cases the server will still run, however it just won't be able to communicate with the network, but it would still be worth it to take a look and see if anything is blocking these ports from being used.
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[Image: 331lwzt.jpg]
Still, I can't solve it
Have you tried Process Explorer to see what processes are using those ports?
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[Image: 331lwzt.jpg]
yup mate .......
Is the server behind a router?
its on my local pc

and I'm behind a router
Start the server with local IP and forward the ports on the router to that server .... that will do
[Image: 2ptxedu.jpg]

I get this screen

but now if a friend of mine want to join the server

what i will give him to join ( my ip ) ?!
To join the server you need the external IP:
Players can find your server by the hostname in the server.cfg or connect in console:
connect <ip>:<port>
I mean mate, from the screen on my last post

will people will be able to see my server world-wide

or this server will be local only ?!

and will my server will be shown among the servers that i choose if I chosen the option " Find Servers " in Counter-Strike Source for example ?!
When you did open the ports and start the server like I mentioned it will be available world-wide and shown in the Find servers tab.
I am having the same problem.

I have forwarded the ports and I have had others servers running such as Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, but Counter-Strike is a problem.
Oh wait, it's working now.

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