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Required Killing Floor Update release (10-29-09)
John Gibson Wrote:A required update for Killing Floor has been released. All servers must be
updated to remain compatible with clients. Additionally, per the suggestion
of one of the server admins on HLDS, we have created a mailing list
specifically for dedicated server administration for Tripwire Interactive's
games. If you would like to subscribe please head here:

The e-mail address for the mailing list is


- Optimized game content to reduce memory usage and improve loading times.

- Fixed acheivements that weren't working, 3 Map Achievements for KF-Bedlam,
Dot of Doom, and Mr. Perky. Mr. Perky was appearing as though it had been
reset(it was working behind the scenes, but the menu functionality was not

- Fixed an exploit related to weapon dropping/selling in the Perks
system(that people

used heavily with the Medic Gun). This exploit could be used to buy a weapon
on a discount and give it to someone else that would sell the weapon for a
huge profit.

- Fixed errors in Perk Descriptions (such as the menu saying the level five
Sharpshooter get Dual Handcannons, when he actually gets the Lever Action

- Fixed exploits in maps Wyre and Bedlam


John Gibson


Tripwire Interactive LLC
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Yay :3 and aww medic gun trick is gone.
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