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Left 4 Dead feature!
readme.txt Wrote:* There is a new remote access feature which allows a server
administrator (or software tool) to create a persistent connection
to a running server, and to see its entire console output and send
it commands. This feature is enabled by using the "-netconport"
option when launching srcds. For instance, if a server is started
with "-netconport 9000", someone with access to port 9000 of the
server could type "telnet xxxx 9000" and view the console
output. This feature is disabled by default, and should only be used
when an appropriate firewall/tunnel is used to control access to
this port. Multiple clients can connect to the netconport of a
running server at the same time.

* If the netconsole is enabled, and the option "-netconpassword xxx"
is set, the network console will not execute commands received
through the netconport until the command "PASS xxx" is entered.

* Dedicated servers by default participate in matchmaking. Matchmaking
system allows players to get together in a lobby and then start a game
on a dedicated server together. To make your Left 4 Dead dedicated
server easily accessible to your community you would create a Steam group
and get its group id on Steam community group admin page (say "444").
Set "sv_steamgroup 444" to make all members of your Steam group have access
to the server from their main menu. You can also set "sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1"
which will require that at least one player from your Steam group has to join
the server before public people will be able to join via matchmaking.

Looks awesome! I might be able to setup a PHP script to read the output.
Alright, this will send a RCon command to your Left 4 Dead 2 server.

PHP Code:
// This should be your IP and the netconport.


// Replace "test" with the "netconpassword"  you've set.
fputs($fp,"PASS test\r"); 
fputs($fp,"say works\r"); 

Note it does not return anything. I will work on this.

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