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startupscript and affinity

According to this tutorial abowe there are no +ip but as i remember it should work anyway. Only that rcon could be buggy?

Question 2, in that startup script can i there choose an pid and for that pid use affinity
taskset -pc 1 [i]pidnumber[/i]
"man taskset"

yes. you need the pid of the process.
You can start the server already from the command line with the taskset command. Just set "taskset -c 1 ./srcds_run ...." in your start line. You don't need to change it AFTERWARDS. You can start it from the beginning with the right affinity.

If you have "screen" command before your start line, then use it like "screen .... taskset -c 1 ./srcds_run ...".

@ Peter
I bet you didn't even read the manual yourself.
thanx css...

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