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Is srcds Windows MultiProcessor aware?
I guess the title says it all.

My clan and I are buying a new server. I have the choice between a high end single processor box and a medium quad processor box.

Will srcds actually USE the quad Processors?

- yes,I know you can set the affinity for a specific processor, that's not what I mean.

- also, I am not asking because of hyperthreading.

I just would hate to buy the weaker quad box (which could be better than the high end one) if CS:S won't run across all the processors.
As far as I'm aware srcds itself won't make use of any special multi-processor features itself.

However, if you are running on an O/s that supports SMP then it is likely that the O/s will make the best use of each processor anyway. With Windows NT based operating systems you can set the srcds process to run with high priority, which will likely cause Windows to dedicate a processor to that task anyway. If you really need too, in Windows XP & 2003 Server (not sure if this is available in 2000 server) you can explicitly set the processor that the processor uses through the task manager (called processor affinity).
Yeah, I know that I can set the affinity.

The thing is the quad processor box has WEAKER processors than the single processor box.

In the end, if it's only using ONE processor, it might as well be the high end one.
yea well i have a P4 3ghz Ht dedi freebsd 4.10 and i cant get it running so dont use that os Sad
Are you only going to be runnig one server? If your going ot be running more than 2 or 3 on the box then id go for the quad system, if its only your 1 server on it then go for the high end system I suppose - I notice that my processor gets used to over 80% when running multiple instances of css servers, and I have a 3.4ghz HT chip, iv also noticed it using large CPU when only 1 is running and i populate it with bots to test load etc..

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