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my ip changes everyday......
i have ip address that changes every day, i cannot get static ip but i've seen some servers using a web address to connect, example : connect from console to get in the server. so, if some one knows about this, please help. Cool
Do a A-Record to your servers IP, but it will NOT solve your problem, as the IP the domain is pointed to changes Smile
Try dyndns ... It checks your current IP ...
or no-ip...

Also, are you talking about your external or internal IP?
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i mean, as my ip changes nobody cant join the server from favorites if theres a way to connect the server with a web address or something like that...
Like people are saying, using or will solve your problem. Also you might consider contacting your ISP and asking if there is any way to get a Static IP address Smile
is it changing publically or locally? If locally, set static IP via your router.
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"i cannot get static ip"
(10-28-2009, 11:11 AM)SBT Wrote:  "i cannot get static ip"

You can always have a static IP on the local network
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He never said it was on his local network.
He never said he wasn't Smile
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Apparently he never said he was either.
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change ip address from the network properties ->tcp/ip->deselece the obtain automaticlly ip address and give ur own ip

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