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router in a new server
i just set up my dedicated server but i think beacuse i have a router and a home network i cant get a proper ip adress for it supposidly so if anyone could help me out on that it would be great
dmz the ip that the server is using
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i jus set up my own server and since i have a router the ip adress looks wierd and wont allow me to get onto it so can anyone help me get it to work thanks alot.
yea.. well if you were to look around a lil. theres a lot of posts that say if ur behind a router.. you would connect to the "internal ip" would be like 192... depending on the router.. and then everyone else, on the other side of the router would have to connect to the external ip, found at and also, all the correct ports would have to be forwarded on your router.

sorry don't mean to come accross as a grump, but its usually a good idea to look around a lil before you ask a question about a problem, theres lots of usefull information all together here, and you may find out something for a problem you will have later.
yea... double posting they dont like here.. and dmz'ing is ok for testing.. but very insecure for your computer. just forward the ports to the internal ip, and see my other reply.
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