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quick Q forwards to my router, my router forwards to my server, out of curiosity what would happen if there were 2 servers running on the network, not on the same comp but two different nodes, which one does the router forward to?

Depends on your router setup.
The router would forward to whatever port you have the computer to.

For Example: You have to forward to 77.777.77.777

Router IP = 77.777.77.777

Server 1: Internal IP running CSS on port 27015

Server 2: Internal IP running CSS on port 28015

If you have your router forward 27015, will connect to that server.

If you have your router forward 28015 also, will connect to the second server.
In addition to SBT post, the port would be different as well, so you can use the same dns name, but different ports on different servers.
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ah ok, thanks guy, that makes perfect sense,one other thing though, hypothetically the servers have the same port eg --> port 27015
also --> port 27015

would it randomly sent you to a server? i just tested to see if my router would let me add to different internal ip's toforward to a single port and there's no IP conflicting errors. seems interesting

[Image: qsuq3c.jpg]

thanks again SRCDS forums
My router would give me an IP conflicting error. I just simply wouldn't try it if I were you.
Yer gonna confuggle yer NAT on all 27015 translations >_>
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ah ok, that makes sense, thanks for the help guys.
Ya, you can NOT forward the same port to two IPs.

When your router gets the packet aimed for port 27015 it wont know where to forward it and it will get dropped.
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Precisely because its the same ip, different ips it will work, but with one ip, it MUST be separate ports.
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