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Not dloading .bzip2 files
Markolo25 said: "like when i join my game when it downloads the map it only downloads .bsp file and i'm 100% sure there is no bsp file in my webserver, i'm hosting with hostgator with the buisness plan."
I have only the bzip2 files in the website, sv_downloadurl is set to "" and in the server in the maps there is a .bzip2, could this be a prblem with hostgator? Do i have to specifically tell it to not dload the .bsp and tell it to dload the .bzip2? Are there special permissions to set or something, cause it just dloads the .bsp which is SUPER slow!?
Firstly, hostgator does not allow fastdl, and if they find out, in which soon they will, your account will be suspended. Also, is sv_allowdownload 1 set in the server.cfg?
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Any of those unlimited bandwidth / space providers have it in their TOS that you cannot host download services, streaming media or movies, you basically cant do anything that uses space or bandwidth...
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So, how should I do a fast dload server thing? Which provider?
Help! D:

(and yes allow dload and upload are 1)
Hey Drunkenfox1,

We at MAD allow fast download hosting. PM if you like some details.
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(10-25-2009, 09:34 AM)MAD|Chris Wrote:  Hey Drunkenfox1,

We at MAD allow fast download hosting. PM if you like some details.

I'll be checking that out...
Ok... that was kinda complicated, i just need a place for people to get fast dloads for the server, I already have a domain, anyone wanna tell me what I'm looking for? *scratches back of head with cheesy smile*

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