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FTP client
ok i have downloaded filezilla for FTP access, now it says address: , User: , Password: , and Port: wat do i put in each of these things ?
i am runnig a css server rented from SGN.
so how does this all work ? on the right is it your files and on the right theres ? and wen i ahve down editing them how do i send them back?

thx blivious
Cutloose Big Grin
Do you have a ftp server you can connect and use?
well since you were asking about ssh, I would assume that the GSP that you are getting ur server from offers ssh access.

I use SSH Secure Shell Client from

and from it you can ftp files

goof replacement for putty and a ftp client
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well im getting a server
Cutloose Big Grin
the GSP should provide with all the info u need to connect and setup your server Smile
ok thx
Cutloose Big Grin

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