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Servers are up, but not on the master list
This isn't a firewall issue, I don't think (sorry had to get that out of the way). Its a private dedicated box at a 3rd party colo.

I've opened a ton of ports:
UDP: 1200, 26900:27100, 32768:65535
TCP: 26900:27100, 32768:65535

These are the ports I'm running servers on:
27010 - Regular Server
27015 - Regular Server
27017 - Regular Server
27018 - Regular Server
27019 - Regular Server
27020 - SourceTV

So the servers all up, and my favorites are cleared out.

I click Add a Server, enter just the IP and it lists only three servers (well two and SourceTV):
27015 - Regular Server
27017 - Regular Server
27020 - SourceTV

If I add the port to the other servers they show up and I can join them, but I kind of want them to show up in screen without having to add ports.

Am I doing something wrong?

I've looked all over for guides about the best way to number your ports for hosting multiple servers on the same box, but haven't seen anything.

Does anyone have any insight on this?


I run the servers with this line:
27015 (shows up): ./srcds_run -game cstrike -ip {myip} -port 27015 -maxplayers 16 -tickrate 66 +fps_max 0 +map de_dust2 +servercfgfile server.cfg +tv_enable 1 +tv_maxclients 15 +tv_port 27020 -autoupdate

27010 (doesn't): ./srcds_run -game cstrike -ip {myip} -port 27010 -maxplayers 32 -tickrate 66 +fps_max 300 +map de_aztec +servercfgfile server.cfg +tv_enable 0 +tv_maxclients 15 +tv_port 27020 -autoupdate
Whats the IP address to the server you're having problems with?
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and I moved the ports but it still makes no difference -- the new ports are 27013,15,17,19,21,23
Well I see your server just fine. The reason why sometimes things wont show up in the internet list is that it takes time for your steam client to contact each of the master servers to request information about gameservers. The problem is that you're probably not waiting long enough to get the full list, which seems to always be updating and is a pain in the add when searching for it.

Don't worry, if its not showing up in the internet tab to you, it most likely is to somebody else if it adds the steam master servers.

EDIT: I have also noticed that you have to be in game to get best results with the internet tab, Out of game I got 4000 CS:S servers, in game I got 24,000 CS:S servers.
ALSO: I can see your gameserver in the internet tab just fine from my end... Granted it took 2 minutes to list all 24k CS:S servers.
IF: it still doesn't work for you, just wait a day or two and try to play on it... see how that works.
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Wow -- didn't know all that -- thanks!
search for masterserver for source > you need to add the masterserverip in the server.cfg

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