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SRCDS.exe Error message
Hello, I'm new in this forum and i need your help, i've followed all your Tutorials and i installed Mani Admin Plugin, MM:S and Sourcemod. My problem is.. Everytime i am trying to change map from inside the game or from outside ( console ) The server change's the map but when we login the server get's an error and shut's down , the error is The instruction at "0x11d545c6" referenced memory at "0x3cbf0060".
The memory could not be "read".
Click OK to terminate the program.

Please help me, Any ideas?
Remove any addons / plugins that might be on the server then give it a try...
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You should list out all your server specs and what mods/plugins that you are running with the srcds server so that people here can try to solve your problem based on what you have installed.Cool

You can try disabling plugins or any other mods one by one and the run the server to see if it successfully runs. Go through the process of elimination.
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Bad plugin.
Update your plugins or make sure you are running a stable version.
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