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fps problem for TF2 server
Hey guys new to the forum and dedicated servers.
Straight to it last night i was running a TF2 server with 1000fps no problems. Its a small 16 player server for my Clan. We had no issues with it everyone connected to it at about 50-90ping which i thought was amazing considering im currently running my net connection off of DSL hardware and not ADSL2+ (Still in the mail).
Anyway ive just started it back up and ive noticed it seems to be capped at 64.1fps and wont budge. I was messing around with my cfg to tweak the cvar settings to make the server a 66 tick but i think ive messed up somewhere..
But when i connect to the sever i see the fps jump right up to 1000fps but if someone else joins by them-self it stays at 64.1.

Specs.. (Running dedicated server on same PC i play TF2)
i7-950 (4.1ghz)
6GB DDR3 2000mhz
2x GTX280
1200W ThermalTake ToughPower
Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2

I use a program called WinAFC which allows me to lock the CPU core(s) + Memory to specific programs. The server has 2 core @ 4.1ghz and 1GB of DDR3 RAM which is way more than whats required to run a TF2 server.

Also could someone post a partial cfg code for a 66 tick server.
I run several TF2 server's at 66 tickrate and 500fps with the following cvar's

// bandwidth rates/settings
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1
sv_mincmdrate 30
sv_maxcmdrate 67
sv_minupdaterate 20
sv_maxupdaterate 67
sv_minrate 10000
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_maxupdaterate 120

In the command line I have " -tickrate 66 +fps_max 650 "

Now judging by the machine specs I'm assuming you run the server off your own computer + play from the same computer. This could very well have some adverse effects on the stability of the server/fps, however it appears to be running fine beyond the fps issue.

If you want to reach 1000fps, you can try setting fps_max 0 in the command line, however you should run some form of Multimedia timer in the background, and have HPET enabled in the BIOS.

Hope that helps Smile
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Ah yes looking though my BIOS ive found HPET and enabled it including the 64-bit mode. I thought this function was only supported by server M/B and not desktop boards (Gigabyte GA-EX58 Extreme).

Thanks for the snippet of your cfg, i'll see if it improves my situation.

Thanks bhumphries the HPET worked wonders. So i dont overstress my system ive capped the fps to 500
Glad to see you got everything sorted Smile
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